The Flexitank is the perfect solution for transporting harmless liquids of any kind in bulk from A to B. For this purpose, a 20’ box container is converted into a tank container, which facilitates substantial cost savings compared to ISO tank containers or box containers with IBCs or barrels.


The flexible alternative

Depending on the specific density of the product to be loaded, a Flexitank can hold 12,000 to 27,000 liters of fluid. Compared to IBCs or barrels, this offers 30% more container loading capacity. The option to transport liquids in Flexitanks not only significantly reduces the transport costs. The faster loading and unloading of products also decrease handling costs. The Flexitank as a single-use product also saves unnecessary empty runs to the next tank container depot as well as cleaning costs since it will be recycled after use.

For product temperatures between 0°-90° Celsius, the Flexitank is well suited for transporting various food or chemical fluids.

Food fluid transports in Flexitanks include wine, cooking oil (both fresh and used), fruit juice concentrate, animal fat/fatty acids, palm oil, molasses, beer, water and much more.

Flexitanks can also be used for transporting non-hazardous chemicals, such as biodiesel, base oil, transformer oil, automotive oils, automotive lubricants, glycerin, latex, emulsions, detergents or additives.


Customizable services tailored to your needs

Many products require special temperatures during the transport. For products that need to be heated before unloading, we can provide heatable Flexitanks. If required, we insulate the containers with special insulating boards. Based on our 30 years of experience with Flexitanks, we gladly provide you with advice and support and offer technical attendance for the first loading and unloading.

Flexitanks are not only suitable for transport but can also be used for storing liquids. We gladly discuss our special storage Flexitank offers with you.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Transport of various food or chemical fluids (non-hazardous materials)
  • Higher loading capacity with a Flexitank in a 20` container (+ 30 % compared to IBCs or barrels)
  • Faster loading and unloading times
  • Reduced handling costs, no cleaning costs (recyclable single-use product)
  • Minimal product residues after unloading

  • Special Flexitanks (LIQUA Tanks) with a loading capacity of 12.000 - 27.000 Liter available (depends on product density)
  • Special Flexitanks (LIQUA Tanks) for REEFER Container available
  • Special Flexitanks (LIQUA Tanks) for TAUT LINER available
  • Spezial STORAGE Flexitanks available

  • Various optional extras such as heating unit, double valves (top and bottom), insulation, EVOH, HDPE barriers and air vents
  • Features: Multi-layer with sleeve and 3” camlock bottom valve
  • The special shape of the Flexitank (LIQUA Tank) allows a higher loading volume (upto 27.000 Liter)
  • Suitable for product temperatures between 0° to 90° Celsius
  • No pressure to the container walls (LIQUA Tank) – therefore NO risk of CONTAINER ´BULGING`
  • Very effective heating system with the LIQUA Tank available (20 times faster heating possibility compared to conventional flexitank heating systems)
  • All quality certificates available


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Explore our range of services for Flexitank transports

  • Broad consulting expertise and customer focus
  • Coordination of the entire transport
  • Container check (suitability check of the Flexitank)
  • Provision of the best suited Flexitank
  • Fitting the Flexitank
  • Pre-transport to the loading point
  • Provision of loading equipment (suitable couplings and tubing)
  • Technical support for first loading / unloading
  • Rail cargo
  • Ocean cargo
  • Collection and distribution from the point of departure to the final destination
  • Customs clearance
  • Disposal and recycling of the empty Flexitank


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