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We deliver your cargo to its destination via the fastest route – worldwide!
Ocean cargo.
All ports worldwide –
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Rail cargo.
One Road, One Belt –
the new Silk Road
Bulk Liquid Logistics – Flexitanks.
Discover a flexible alternative for shipping liquids!

Ocean cargo. Air cargo. Rail cargo. Flexitanks.

You have found your carrier.

International transports by air, sea or rail are our specialty. With our convenient Flexitanks we can even ship bulk liquids to every location worldwide. You can count on our consulting expertise, our expansive global network, a wide range of additional services and powerful end-to-end solutions.



International transports – flexible, fair and secure


COLUMBUS-CARGO is an independent enterprise without any corporate ties or covenants. We know how to create synergies and thus minimize the costs for our customers. The continuously optimized transport routes ensure that you never have to pay more than necessary and that your goods reach their destination safely and in good order.


We operate in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner for the benefit of our customers and the environment. Wherever possible, we ship by rail. In addition, we operate regular economic groupage transports between all continents. As true “Trade Scouts” we can therefore offer you transport solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

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